Best Military Watches: Rolex, Timex, Bulova, Benrus

Best Military Watches: Rolex, Timex, Bulova, Benrus. Here’s our Famewatcher’s list of the best military watches for men in uniform and those who love them. It’s also for those of you who areĀ  neither in the military nor a soldier-lover but who think that military-style/military-inspired fashion is really pretty cool.

Okay, let’s star with our list with this plain but elegant Rolex Explorer watch. Of course, you already know that Rolex watches are the most desired watch in the world, right?

Best Military Watches Rolex

Next, let’s have a fab watch from the New York-based Bulova Watch Company.

Best Military Watches Bulova

Another American watch, the Benrus from the now-inactive Benrus Watch Company.

Best Military Watches Benrus

Who knew Burberry (most known for its plaid stuff) does watches?

Best Military Watches Burberry

The watch industry is dominated by Swiss watchmakers but Germany has a watch too, check out this Glashutte military watch from the town of Glashutte in Saxony, Germany.

Best Military Watches Glashutte

Here’s a military watch with a leather strap from the American Hamilton Watch Company. The Lancaster, PA company used to make quality pocket and wristwatches but its now absorbed by Switzerland’s Swatch Group.

Two fabulous army watches from Timex.

Best Military Watches Timex

So what do you think of the above military watches? Do any of these belong to your “best” list? Or are there other military watches out there that should have been included?

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