Best Biceps in the World: Sports, Tennis, Rugby, Celebrity

Best Biceps in the World? Do these guys have the best biceps in the world or what? Admittedly, these biceps are not as big as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s back to when The Governator was a Mister Universe or something but these days people no longer go for the veiny and eye-popping muscles. In fact, them veiny muscles are quite unattractive, to be honest. Good thing these guys didn’t overbuild their muscles.

best biceps in the world

Best Biceps in the World of Tennis. We think the honor for having the best biceps in tennis goes to Spanish superstar Rafael Nadal. It’s no contest, really, that dude has the biggest (and hence the best) bulging biceps. Who comes second? We think it’s Scottish dude Andy Murray.

best biceps in the world of tennis

Best Celebrity Bicep. There’s also no contest as to who among male celebrities has the best biceps: the honor goes to Aussie muscle hunk Hugh Jackman. Not only does he have huge biceps, he’s also a really huge man physically (according to Craig Ferguson anyway). Here’s Hugh showing us his biceps as Wolverine.

best celebrity biceps

Oh, Governor Arnie Schwarzie also has some big biceps (after all he actually started his career as a bodybuilder) but we think he’s gotten flabby these days so Hugh outpoints him.

Best Biceps in Rugby. When you search for best biceps in rugby in Google Image, this photo of Aussie Nick Youngquest comes up. But we don’t think he’s really got the best biceps in this particular sport. He’s gorgeous, and sexy, and reportedly a swell guy all around but the best rugby biceps he does not have.

best biceps in the world of rugby

So who deserves the title in rugby then? May we nominate former All Blacks rugby star and Rugby Hall of Fame inductee Jonah Lomu? After all, he joined bodybuilding competitions after he retired from the pitch. Check out his guns:

For currently active rugby players, Aussie stud Mark Chisholm is definitely in contention for the “Best Rugby Biceps in the World” title.

Who among your favorite rugby players can beat Mark to the title? Do tell us in the comments section.

Best Female Celebrity Biceps. As for female celebrities with the biggest biceps, we think the title goes to no one but Angelina Jolie.

Okay, we know that’s a fake photo but wouldn’t it be cool if Angelina’s got them big guns to know them rumor mongers who spread and write false made-up stories about her, Brangelina, and their kids?

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