Best Basketball Shorts: Celebrity Preference Edition

Best Basketball Shorts by Celebrity Usage. What is the best basketball shorts in the world? The ones my boys are wearing of course. Haha. Okay, we doubt there’s a group or agency deciding things such as the best basketball shorts. So what we are going to do is to look at some celebrity basketball shorts and make a list of the brands they are wearing. And then we give the “Best Basketball Shorts” title to the brand or label with the most usage (a stand-in for votes). Fair enough?

So let’s start the list with Ryan Phillippe and his Under Armour basketball shorts. Not bad, huh? But we’re still not fans of cage shorts that drop below the knee. [Want more Celebrity Under Armour fans?]

best basketball shorts - ryan phillippe

Now, basketball shorts ain’t only for playing basketball. You can wear them when you’re working out at the gym as Hugh Jackman does in the photo below. As you can see, the talented and HUGE Aussie actor loves him his Adidas basketball shorts.

best basketball shorts - hugh jackman2

Jesse Metcalfe, for his part, wears Nike basketball shorts.

best basketball shorts - jesse metcalfe

So does our imaginary boyfriend Peeta Mellark. Hey, Josh Hutcherson, we’d still take you even if you are not straight. Hehe.

best basketball shorts - josh hutcherson

Our favorite celebrity basketball shorts of them all is the one Shemar Moore is wearing below. It’s from the New Balance collection.

best basketball shorts - shemar moore new balance

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