Benjamin Maisani Anderson Cooper Boyfriend: Shirtless Photos

Benjamin Maisani Anderson Cooper Boyfriend: Shirtless Photos Who is Benjamin Maisani? And what is he doing biking with CNN’s star TV host Anderson Cooper? According to the internets, Benjamin is an owner of a famous bar in Manhattan called the Eastern Bloc. What’s his connection with our Anderson? He is rumored to be the boyfriend of the CNN silverfox.

Benjamin Maisani Anderson Cooper Boyfriend

Says of Anderson’s squeeze:

Maisani, who comes from an upper-middle-class Parisian family, came to New York in 1995 to study film for a year, and ended up staying until now. He was a valedictorian with a perfect 4.0 when he graduated from Hunter College in 2000 with a B.A. in art history. He then worked in a museum, but was attracted to the nightlife by the more leisurely hours.

He started tending bar with Gabriel Beaton and Darren Dryden at Barracuda, a popular gay haunt in Chelsea. Legend has it that they found the old Wonder Bar space on E Sixth Street for sale on Craigslist and decided to pool their money together and open their own bar. Eastern Bloc opened in 2005 and is often packed with the sort of hip fashionable gays that hang out in the East Village.

More photos of Anderson and Benjamin. Lucky lovebirds.

Benjamin Maisani Anderson Cooper

anderson cooper boyfriend benjamin maisani

Want more celebrity bromance?


Benjamin Maisani Shirtless Photos. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper hardly ever go shirtless so, instead, let’s ogle at the shirtlessness of his rumored boyfriend. Famewatchers, behold a shirtless Benjamin Maisani!

benjamin maisani shirtless

Thank heavens he’s not into the body waxing thing that a lot of metro-sexuals are so into these days.

benjamin maisani hot body

Benjamin with a shirtless guy-friend.

benjamin maisani sexy

Anderson’s beau with another guy-friend. Two shirtless hunks sitting on a tree. Should Anderson get jealous of Benjamin’s guy-friends? Or is Benjie’s friends also Anderson’s friends? We think so!

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