Ben McLemore Shirtless Photos, Tattoos, Sacramento Kings Rookie

Ben McLemore Shirtless Photos, Tattoos, Sacramento Kings Rookie. Just because we love Chandler Parsons [see Chandler Parsons Shirtless] does not mean we can’t have another imaginary basketball boyfriend, right? We’re glad you agree! Hehe.

So allow us to introduce you to our second basketball beau, rookie Ben McLemore of the Sacramento Kings. Whether or not he has a girlfriend in real life does not matter to us because, in our imaginary Famewatching world, everyone is free for the taking. Hehe. Don’t sue us please.

ben maclemore - shirt sacramento kinds

Anyhoo, how can one not fall in love with a cutie who reminds us of Muhammad Ali. [By the way, all the photos in this post are taken from Ben’s instagram account which you can follow at youngsav23. You can also follow him on Twitter:

ben mclemore shirtless with friend

We’re not fans of tattoos but we’re fans of guys who love their family. We’re assuming here that the names inked on Ben’s chest in the next pic below are that of his family and other loved ones.

ben mclemore - sexy in bed

Speaking of loved ones, does Ben have a girlfriend? Maybe its this pretty girl in the pic he shared in instagram and who he greeted on her birthday?

ben mclemores girlfriend or not - bday wish

Maybe its this gorgeous girl with the most fabulous hair we’ve seen in a long while? Nah, we think she’s a friend or a fan. [Pic courtesy of @dollbaby_duo on Twitter.]

ben mclemore girlfriend - fab hair

Or maybe his girlfriend is this curvy girl who can give Kim Kardashian a run for her bootylicious money? Nah, the girl is apparently a stylist who’s helping him look fashionable and stylish.

ben mclemore - girlfriend or stylist

And he does look oh-so-stylish in the pic below, no? We’re loving his look. If he’s not into basketball, he can very well become a model. At the very least, he’s more modelesque that some of Tyra’s ANTM guys.

ben mclemore fashion

Before we end this post on our imaginary rookie boyfriend, here’s a media release about the shoes that our Ben will be wearing when he officially starts playing pro-basketball. The good guys of Adidas apparently signed him, along with several other ballers, as an endorser for the brand.

From a report by “’Each of these young players have demonstrated the work ethic, passion and attitude that make them a perfect fit for the adidas brand’, said Chris Grancio, adidas head of global basketball sports marketing. ‘Their outstanding talent level gives them the potential to make an immediate impact in the league and we’re excited to partner with them to continue to develop new innovative products and to grow our brand and business’.”

ben mclemore with mother

Congratulations to Ben on his endorsement deal and on his first year on the NBA. We hope he remains humble and hungry even as he makes oodles of money. Oh wait, we almost forgot to include the above photo of Ben and his mom, Sonya Reid.

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