Ben Clarke Apprentice: Shirtless in Underwear – Can He Be a Male Model?

Ben Clarke Apprentice: Shirtless in Underwear – Can He Be a Male Model? Who’s looking for an underwear photo of The Apprentice’s Ben Clarke? You can now end your search. We once wondered whether he is the British version of Omarosa and maybe he is, cause he tends to be divisive like his American counterpart. However, Omarosa won’t look as good as Ben in his Calvin Klein Santa boxer briefs underwear, no?

ben clarke apprentice shirtless underwear

For an office-bound dude, he’s actually in pretty good shape.

18 March 2009

ben clarke apprentice

We would be liking Ben Clarke and his money obsession if there’s no global financial crisis and if said crisis isn’t the result of money-obsessed financial douchebags. Hopefully Ben Clarke does not turn out to be a douchebag because we’d rather like him than dislike him.

From the BBC: “Belfast born and bred, Ben is the rebellious stockbroker who considers himself to be ruthless and money-obsessed. The former Gavin Henson lookalike is inspired by the Playboy brand and cites Hugh Heffner as one of his most admired business figures. Rugby-playing Ben admits to being ‘cocky’ but insists that he takes business very seriously. He is a young professional with what he describes as a raw hunger to make as much money as possible.”

He says: “To me making money is better than sex.”

Qualifications: BA (Hons) Economics & Business
Age: 22
Career: Trainee Stockbroker
Hometown: Belfast

UPDATE: Ben Clarke Apprentice Fired From Real Job?

Look who’s been fired from his day job because he allegedly boasted to co-workers that he was cast for The Apprentice? It’s stockbroker Ben Clarke.

Says a colleague Brewin Dophin (via TV Biz): “Ben has the biggest head in the world. As soon as he knew he had been selected to audition for The Apprentice, he became unbearable. He would swagger around the office like he was a master of the universe. He’d tuck his thumbs under his braces and strut about.”

Brewin adds: “He kept saying, ‘I’m leaving you losers and going to win The Apprentice’. We all laughed — until we realised he was serious. Then the bosses found out — and he was sent packing.”

Jeeze. Is Ben a douchebag? We can’t bear people who call other people losers. Ben better win the whole shebang or else his former co-workers will have the last laugh.

UPDATE: Ben Clarke: Apprentice Fan “Tribute” Video

Is the BBC Apprentice’s Ben Clarke the British version of America’s Omarosa? He must be if he inspires “tribute” videos like this.

Ben Clarke Apprentice: Shirtless in Underwear – Can He Be a Male Model? First post 18 March 2009. Updated on 27 April 2011.