Beau Mirchoff Gay or Straight, Boxers or Briefs, Dating or Single: Awkward MTV Hunk

Beau Mirchoff Shirtless Photos. Remember Beau Mirchoff in our post about Young Guys With Washboard Abs? Well, our 25 year old hottie continues to win us over with his sexy smile so let’s have another shirtless pics of him, shall we?

beau mirchoff horse

Oops, that’s not a shirtless pic! Hehe. Isn’t there something oh-so-sexy about a man and his horse? It’s so masculine. No wonder, Russian despot Vladimir Putin goes out of his way to get photographed riding a horse because it adds to his masculinity.

Anyhoo, here’s the shirtless Beau Mirchoff photo we intended to put up above but we uploaded the wrong pic:


Is Beau Mirchoff Gay or Straight? He is “quite straight” according to the denizens of Here’s their gaydar score for the Awkward star: “According to 287 visitors Beau Mirchoff is 56% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Beau Mirchoff is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.”

This scene in Awkward is kinda gay though:


Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub….

Who Is Beau Mirchoff Dating? In our dreams, he’s dating us. Hehehe. In real life, he’s dating dancer Jeanine Mason, winner of So You Think You Can Dance 5.

During an interview with Glamour Magazine, we learn more about his girlfriend :

Glamour: Let’s talk dating. How long have you and Jeanine Mason been dating?
Beau: Three and a half years. She won So You Think You Can Dance season five. We met at our acting studio, but we were never in the same class. I saw her at the party, and I asked this guy, “Who is that?” Then I mustered up the courage to go up and talk to her.

Glamour: What was your opening line?
Beau: She was talking with these guys. I was a goofball that whole night, so I walked right into her conversation and just started laughing! She thought it was endearing, even though it probably looked like crazy behavior. I asked her to lunch the next day, and she said yes. So we went to lunch the next day! I was in sandals and it was pouring rain.

Glamour: What about her made you want to ask her out?
Beau: She was laughing a lot and smiling. She’s the opposite of ditzy. She’s young but has a very womanly quality about her that I found very attractive.

Glamour: After the first date, how did you know you wanted to see her again?
Beau: It’s not something I really thought about. I just loved her personality. She was smart, fun, and cool, and we had similar likes. I didn’t really even think about it, I just knew I wanted to see her again.


Beau Mirchoff Underwear: Boxers or Briefs. Two years ago, Beau did a five-minute “Ask Me Anything” on Twitter and one of the questions asked him is his underwear preference. His answer? He is a boxers guy.

He does not like it tight down there, huh? Unfortunately for you CelebrityUnderwearWatchers, we can’t find a photo of Beau in his boxers. We’ll update this post once the Awkward-Powers-That-Be require him to do a scene in his undies.