best basketball shorts - josh hutcherson

Best Basketball Shorts by Celebrity Usage. What is the best basketball shorts in the world? The ones my boys are wearing of course. Haha. Okay, we doubt there’s a group or agency deciding things such as the best basketball shorts. So what we are going to do is to look at some celebrity basketball shorts and make a list of the brands they are wearing. And then we give the “Best Basketball Shorts” title to the brand or label with the most usage (a stand-in for votes). Fair enough?Read More →

Dwight Howard’s underwear is not boxers or briefs but an Adidas Flex 360. Review? Or see shirtless naked photos of virile basketball star. We’ve never heard of performance underwear before. Deena initially thought that its the kind of underwear worn by male strippers during their performances on stage but Kevin says, and we agree with him, that Adidas Flex 360 is designed more for athletes to wear during competitions and trainings. You don’t want to be wearing scratchy underwear while trying to shoot some a ball to the basket or kick one to the goal, don’t you?Read More →