Shirtless Baseball Players. It’s baseball season once again so we here at Famewatcher decided to do a post on the hottest shirtless professional athletes of Major League Baseball whether they be retired or are still active chasing balls in the baseball field. Are you a fan of both baseball and shirtless hunks? Well, who of these guys is your favorite? Who would you want to bring home to mama? Could it be one of the five dudes — Alex Gonzalez, Edgar Renteria, Rey Ordonez, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez — above? Or is it any of the guys below? Do tell us about your baseball crush in the comments.

shirtless baseball players Alex Gonzalez Edgar Renteria Rey Ordonez Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez

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Gabe Kapler Speedo, Shirtless, and Weight Workout Photos. For those of you who can’t get enough of Tampa Bay outfielder, Gabe Kapler. Didn’t we say he is hot with all them bulging muscles and all? Turns out that he’s got a nice Speedo suit which rivals that of Ashton Kutcher, footballer turned model Jed Hill, and David Gandy. We think though that the record of having the most impressive Speedo package still goes to fireman turned model Michael Biserta. Do you agree? [See more Men in Speedos.]

gabe kapler speedo underwear photo

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Sexy Baseball Players. Famewatchers, who do you think is the most shagadelic baseball player ever? If you do not have anyone in mind, we hope this post on currently active and retired baseball players will help you make a pick.

Nomar Garciaparra. If we are to make a list of the hottest baseball hunks of all time, Nomar Garciaparra — along with our imaginary beau Gabe “Speedo” Kapler — will be in the top ten. What a hunk.

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