Shirtless Baseball Players: Current & Retired Sexy Hot Baseball Hunks

shirtless baseball players Alex Gonzalez Edgar Renteria Rey Ordonez Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez

Shirtless Baseball Players. It’s baseball season once again so we here at Famewatcher decided to do a post on the hottest shirtless professional athletes of Major League Baseball whether they be retired or are still active chasing balls in the baseball field. Are you a fan of both baseball and shirtless hunks? Well, who of these guys is your favorite? Who would you want to bring home to mama? Could it be one of the five dudes — Alex Gonzalez, Edgar Renteria, Rey Ordonez, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez — above? Or is it any of the guys below? Do tell us about your baseball crush in the comments.
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Gabe Kapler Speedo, Shirtless, and Weight Workout Photos

gabe kapler underwear

GABE KAPLER SPEEDO, SHIRTLESS, BODYBUILDING PHOTOS. Aha, turns out that the pic above of our Gabe in a teeny weeny leopard-print swimsuit is just one of many Speedo or underwear photos of our baseball hottie. Here’s one where our muscle hunk is working out in his squarecut swimsuit (or maybe that’s a boxers underwear rather than a swimwear?). Gabe on the cover of Exercise Magazine. He sure loves to work out his biceps, doesn’t he? Apparently, he also sure loves his squarecut undies.
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