Hot Bald Guys: Henry Sawasrati. Who says its bad to have a bald head? Not this guy who just arrived in our inbox (in case you are wondering, his name is supposedly Henry Sawasrati). And not guys who have fine-shaped heads. So if you’ve got a great head and you are losing your hair, well, you should embrace the bald.


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Bald Male Models, Actors, & Athletes. There is no need to convince us here at Famewatcher that bald men are sexy but did you know that a 2012 study by Albert Mannes at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business arrived at the conclusion that bald men are “are perceived to be more dominant, more athletic and better leaders”.

More from “Two of the experiments showed that shaved men were perceived as being as much as an inch taller, on average, and stronger: the survey showed shaved men were estimated to be able to bench press 13 per cent more, on average. In all three, they were also perceived to have better leadership qualities.

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