Let’s have more of Naomi’s fashion style, shall we? Here’s the very pregnant British-born Aussie beauty with husband Liev Schreiber and their toddler (we’re assuming that kid in the stroller is their first son, Sasha). We must say that this picture made us like Naomi and Liev even more. We liked them before but we like them much more now after seeing this photo of them in action as parents. There’s something endearing about how Naomi is so unstyled with her Ugg boots and a shirt that shows her bellybutton. Hehe. Not glamorous, sure. But it makes her someone we can identify with and, thus, very likeable.

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How is Fabienne Vanderhaeghen doing now two years after we blogged about her? Looks like she continues to do well although the people of models.com still have to include her in their directory. Here are some of Fabienne’s modeling photos taken after we last blogged about this stunningly gorgeous Australian beauty.Read More →

Our Douchebag of the Day award was originally intended for men with douchbaggery behavior but this time around we can’t help but give the award to a woman. Meryl Dillon of Australia, congratulations for winning our Douchebag of the Day Award. We are giving this award to Meryl because her rumor-mongering destroyed the lives of two people and ran up legal bills amounting to Aus$ 1 million that taxpayers must now pay. The details of Meryl’s douchebaggery from from the Sydney Morning Herald: New South Wales taxpayers are facing up to $1 million in legal bills after a landmark court case found that a womanRead More →