Austin Butler Girlfriend Now, Shirtless, Sculpted Abs, Underwear Photos

Austin Butler Girlfriend Now, Shirtless, Sculpted Abs, Underwear Photos. Today in celebrity washboard abs, we bring you former Disney star Austin Butler and his fabulous washboard abs. These photos are actually from a few years back but we are gonna bet a thousand bucks that the 26 year old hunk has managed to maintain his sculpted look. Want to take the bet, Kevin?

young guys with washboard abs - austin butler

young guys with washboard abs

Austin Butler Girlfriend Now? Apparently, he continues to be in a relationship with his former Disney co-star Vanessa Hudgens. According to dating history website, the lovebirds started dating six years ago in 2011. Here’s a photo of the long-time lovebirds taken when they attended the Knottā€™s Scary Farm celebrity night. Photo courtesy of Just Jared.

austin butler girlfriend now 2017 2018

Austin Butler Underwear. When it comes to underwear preference, what does our Austin like to wear? Apparently, he likes him his boxer shorts. Well, we do not know whether he is a boxers exclusive kind of guy but he’s wearing boxer shorts in the photos below which were snapped a few years back during a beach vacation with his gal Vanessa Hudgens.

austin butler underwear boxer shorts

austin butler underwear boxers or briefs

By the way, Austin the former Disney kid should not be confused with Austin Butler the L.A. male model. Here are some photos of Austin the model looking gorgeous in his underoos. Photos courtesy of The Underwear Expert.

austin butler underwear model hot

So what is Austin doing these days? Well, he’s one of the few Disney kids who has managed to successfully navigate the tricky transformation to becoming an adult actor. More often than not, Disney kids are forgotten when they grow older but Austin — like his girlfriend Vanessa — ain’t one of those forgotten ones. He’s been busy with TV and movie projects since his Disney days and, currently, he is one of the main leads on the TV series, The Shannara Chronicles. Here’s a screencap from the show. Hey, didn’t we tell you he’s maintaining his sculpted abs?

austin butler shirtless the shanarra chronicles2

Let us end this post with another shirtless photo of Austin showing off his six pack, shall we? Want more Young Guys With Washboard Abs? Well, then go check out the preceding link.

young guys with washboard abs shirtless

Austin Butler Girlfriend Now, Shirtless, Sculpted Abs, Underwear Photos. Posted 1 November 2017.