Asian Mens Underwear: Henry Lee in Armani Briefs and CK Boxers

Asian Mens Underwear: Henry Lee in Armani Briefs and CK Boxers. We love us our Henry Lee so let’s bring him back again. This time our imaginary male model boyfriend is in his squarecut Calvin Klein boxer briefs and in a low rise Armani briefs.

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Asian Male Fashion: Henry Lee in Denim Jeans and Jacket
26 May 2010


Asian male model Henry Lee is looking good in his tank top athletic shirt and blue jeans get up, doesn’t he? Oh, and is that a bulge in his pants? Soo awesome! More photos of this Asian cutie after the jump.

Wow, sexy six-pack muscles. Want more celebrity washboard abs?



Want more Asian Male Underwear Models?


Asian Mens Underwear Model: Jae Chang

27 May 2010

Here’s another Asian male underwear model who’s as hunky as Andrew Ley. His name is Jae Chang. He’s from Hawaii and is part Hawaiian, Chinese, and Japanese. Isn’t that an awesome sexy ethnic combination?

Here’s what Jae says of himself in his model profile: “Born and raised from a beautiful place called Oahu, in the Hawaiian islands. Im hawaiian, chinese, Japanese, with a weight of 170lbs and height of 5′10. I lived in Taiwan for 3 years. Started modeling when by the luck of faith and ran into some people that are very well know.”

He adds: “Now living in L.A and doing a lot of things that would make the asian community happy. Im doing a non-profit shoot for the Asian american and pacific islander foundation which im very proud of. Now im just trying to make a living doing photography and making some new friends along the way.”


The last pic is pretty cool, eh? We soo love men in body-hugging shirts.


Phong Luu in James Tudor and Diesel Underwear
03 June 2010


This James Tudor boxers underwear modeled here by Sydney-based Asian male model Phong Luu looks very interesting and quite intriguing, eh? There’s something, how should we say this, “Tarzan-like”. The flap reminds us of Tarzan’s loincloth. Hehe.

Phong Luu in his black underwear briefs by Diesel. This photo excites our friend Deena so much so she goes, “Push it down. Push it down.”



Andrew Ley: Asian Mens Underwear Model
27 April 2010

Looking for an Asian male underwear model? Well, you should check out our previous posts here, here, and here but we’re also happy to bring you these underwear photos of Andrew Ley, an LA-based model who, apart from modeling, also appeared in the movie Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds.

Of course, Andrew does not exclusively model underwear. Check him out in his white sexy tank tops.


And long john thermal underwear.


And men’s shirt and tie.



Note: Some photos referred to in this post have been moved to our Male Celebrity Underwear gallery.