Check out these Giorgio Armani leather jackets for men from the Italian label’s fall/winter 2012-2013 menswear collection. We should have added one of these to our earlier post on Fall Winter Leather Jackets for Men but we decided that these fab outfits deserve a separate post. Okay, the trousers are funky ridiculous and no man in his right mind would ever wear them (okay, maybe Perez Hilton will but he’s not exactly known for having a good fashion sense), but the leather jackets are to-die-for. Okay, maybe not to-die-for because no outfit even if they’re made by Italian designers is worth dying for but youRead More →

Sexy male models in Armani jeans, what’s not to like? Well, there’s nothing to dislike about good looking men modeling Armani Exhange or A|X denims so we thought we’d update this post (which we wrote back in 2009) and give you more men rocking their bluest of the blue Armani jeans. Like, you know, Clint Eastwood. Okay, we mean no disrespect when we call the uber-talented mutiple-award winning Hollywood actor and director a “model” because that’s what he is right? He is a model who we should emulate. We’d all be better human beings if we model our lives after him right? [Well, not his conservative politics but how he made full use of his talents to accomplish a lot of things.]Read More →

Celebrities in Armani Jeans Leather Jackets: We here at Famewatcher are all about what your favorite celebrities are wearing so when our bossy friend Kevin says, “Write a post about about famous men who wear Armani Jeans leather jackets!” so had no choice but to comply. So are there celebs out there who wear Armani leather? Of course! First in our list is British hunk Daniel Craig aka James Bond. In the photo below, our internet imaginary boyfriend is wearing a black Armani Collezioni Lambskin Leather Jacket. Cool, huh?

Then, here we have another imaginary Swedish boyfriend – True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard – looking hot and sexy in his Armani Jeans Quilted Leather Jacket.Read More →