Neco Starr Shirtless Photo. Which American Idol XIII male contestant looks better shirtless: contemporary Christian singer Spencer Lloyd or soul singer Neco Starr. Follow the preceding link to check out Spencer’s photo. Meanwhile, here’s Neco in his shirtless glory. Hmmm. We are giving the edge to Neco on this one because he’s got some impressive biceps. Hehe. Anyhoo, here are more photos of Neco who, according to internet spoilers, made it to the Top 31 on the upcoming season of American Idol. He’s cute, huh? If Neco looks familiar to you, it’s probably because you remember him from Season XI. Check out this group performanceRead More →

Jay Zidor is a Shirtless Gay Singing Hunk. Here’s another singer who’s rumored to have made it to the Top 31 of American Idol XIII. His name is Emmanuel Zidor but goes by Jay Zidor. His social media accounts indicates, and our gaydar tells us, that he is gay. And this guy may (or may not) be his boyfriend: Awww. Family, friend, or boyfriend? Looks like love to us! If these two are lovebirds we sure hope Jay brings him to the show and that the guy gets introduced to us in the audience like when, you know, the camera gives us a glimpse ofRead More →