American Flag Underwear For Men: Male Models and Celebs – Brand Guide

American Flag Underwear for Men. Look who’s wearing an American flag underwear? It’s Russian male model Dmitry Tanner! He loves him his USA so much he doesn’t mind raising the American flag down there. Go ahead, you can make a flag pole joke. Hehe.

american flag underwear - model dmitry tanner

Anyhoo, this image of Dmitry and his American flag underwear is actually part of the Dsquared2 Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign. Several months after the campaign, Dmitry sadly passed away in a car accident. RIP, Dmitry.

Other male models and celebrities seen “waving” the American flag down there include:

Chris Pratt. Pic was taken a few years ago long before he became the Hollywood superstar that he is today. Back then he was fat and cuddly and playing second fiddle to wife Anna Faris. [Want more patriotic underwear? Check out these Brits in their Union Jack Underwear.]

american flag underwear chris pratt

Zoltan Mesko. What is NFL footballer Zoltan Mesko doing? Is he working out his biceps with a kitten-assideted bicep curls? Is he praying for the health of his pets? Maybe he is sleepwalking? After all, sleepwalkers are known to do some weird shit, no? If you happen to know what Zoltan is doing, do tell in the comments.

american flag underwear celebrity zoltan mesko

Hunky Long Johns Underwear Model. We don’t know the ID of this male model so let’s call him Hunky Long Johns Underwear Model. Who says American flag underwear only comes in briefs of boxers? Certainly not our Hunky Long Johns Underwear Model.

american flag underwear - long johns

Will Ferrell. American flag underwear “waving” happens not only in bedrooms but in board rooms too. Who says Hollywood guys are not patriotic? Go, Will Ferrell!

american flag underwear - will ferrell - snl

Male Model Wearing American Flag Briefs Underwear. Another model we, unfortunately, cannot ID. If you happen to know him, do tell us his name in the comments. Anyhoo, according to TMZ, this handsome dude walked the runway for the 2012 AMFAR gala in New York.

american flag underwear briefs runway model