Alex Pettyfer: Underwear in Magic Mike & Beastly Shirtless Photos

British male model and actor Alex Pettyfer goes shirtless in his movie Beastly which, according to IMBD, is “a modern-day take on the Beauty and the Beast tale where a New York teen is transformed into a hideous monster in order to find true love.”

alex pettyfer shirtless

Ahh, true love. Who doesn’t want true love especially if your object of love is as cute and handsome and sexy as Mr. Pettyfer, no?

Now that Brad Pitt has gone all dark hair, Alex is our new blond boyfriend. Hello, curlytops!

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Alex Pettyfer Underwear Photos
19 November 2011

This update is for the legions of you who are looking for photos of Alex Pettyfer in his underwear. We are with you in your search. Haha. Seriously, who doesn’t want to see this English hunk in his undies? Anyhoo, our pretty Alex is starring in Magic Mike, a movie about a male stripper with Channing Tatum which is inspired by Channing’s very own experience as a male stripper. We mentioned that didn’t we? Before he became a male supermodel and then a movie star, our handsome Channing did some male stripping on the side. Go see a video of him dancing on stage wearing a yellow G-String in our post on Men’s G-String Underwear.

But as we were saying, our Alex is starring in Magic Mike and he stripped to his underwear on the set. Check him out in his boxers.

alex pettyfer underwear

Wowza! We already mentioned that Alex was a model first before he became an actor. We think the underwear photos of him below are from a modeling gig.

How much would you pay to be that cigarette?


Ahh, a cute boy and his shiny boots.


Grampy briefs that need some smoothing over. Hehe.


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