Ahmed Shihab-Eldin Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Straight, Wife?

Is Ahmed Shihab-Eldin Gay or Straight? The denizens of datalounge.com are wondering whether our Ahmed is gay or straight. So, is he? Well, we don’t know. That’s between him and himself. Maybe his partner or significant other too whether it be a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Hehe.

But our Ahmed seems to be comfortable posting kinda intriguing and kinda intimate photos with guys. You know, like the next photo below.


Incidentally, if you google “Ahmed Shihab-Eldin wife” — which is a recommended search by Google — these two Twitter messages by our Ahmed turns out:

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin @ASE: I dont think my wife knows as much about me as @nytimes, but they still cant produce alert system that is personalized to me @jayrosen_nyu

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin @ASE: I’m waiting for the wife waiting for the letter in #Cyprus to actually end up being a man/his gay lover. #EgyptAir

So he refers to a wife, so he must have a wife. Right? But then for him, “wife” can be a code for a man or a gay lover? So is the wife he is referring to actually his “man”? Ehh! Who cares? Maybe he’s joking in them tweets.

Let’s just check out his fabulousness, shall we? Damn! He really is hawt, ain’t he?

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin shirtless

According to Buzzfeed, our Ahmed is Mr. May in a Hot Muslim Men Calendar released a few years back.


Let us end this post with our hunky man at work.


But wait, there’s more! Check out a shirtless Ahmed posing with a beach guy. Nice.

ahmed shihab-eldin shirtless speedo3

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