Adam Lambert Fashion Style: Chanel’s Peace + Love Necklace

Adam Lambert Fashion Style. Today in celebrity jewelry, we bring you Adam Lambert’s Chanel love and peace necklace. We, of course, are one with Adam in hoping that love and peace will eventually reign in this world. Hehe.

Adam Lambert Fashion Style love and peace necklace

Let’s take a closer look at this fabulous necklace.

Adam Lambert Fashion Style chanel love and peace



Skinny Pants for Men: Adam Lambert
09 December 2009


Uber-talented American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert doesn’t look so good in these photos. They remind us jockeys, you know, the guys who ride horses. However, despite this fashion faux pas, we still love us our Adam. A closer look at his skinny pants below. [Want more celebrity skinny pants?] What do you think of Adam’s tight trousers? Love it or hate it?

By the by, have you bought Adam’s album, For Your Consideration, yet? As Adam fans, we should all support him and get copies of his album. For the record, we love Whataya Want From Me the most.

Glam Sunglasses for Adam Lambert
27 April 2010

Adam Lambert Out And About In London (USA ONLY)

Adam Lambert, the most talented American Idol contestant ever (in our view anyway), goes to London to visit the Queen. Okay, he’s really in London to promote his album but wouldn’t it be cool if he somehow meets the Queen and he’s dressed in an outrageous outfit like Lady Gaga’s latex dress?

We’re not a fan of Adam’s oversized sunglasses in these photos. But we love us our Adam and we’ll not mind at all if he ever decides to wear crappy outfits and accessories. Anyhoo, we’re very happy Adam was invited last week to mentor this year’s crop of American Idol contestants. Go Adam!

Adam Lambert’s Top Hat for Men
12 June 2010

Adam Lambert Fashion Style hat

Today in celebrity men’s hats, we bring you the Glamrocker himself Adam Lambert and his top hat. We don’t think it will bring back the top hat as a hot item in men’s fashion (in the same way that the newsboy cap somehow managed a revival with the help of Brad Pitt) but we love Adam from bringing back a thing of the past.

Adam Lambert Fashion Style top hat

Adam Lambert Fashion Style. Posted 31 August 2010.