Adam Lambert’s Leather Coat


Want more men’s leather jackets? Here’s controversial American Idol runner-up wearing a black leather jacket which fits nicely with his all-black ensemble and that emo haircut he’s kinda famous for. Nice look, Adam. And nice skinny jeans too. If you want more Adam Lambert in leather? Check out his blue leather jacket in a blog entry we wrote on the titillating Kradam bromance.

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Adam Lambert’s Broadway + Mt. Carmel High Friends

Look who’s got friends in high places (and by high places, we mean Broadway) who are cheering for him? It’s Adam Lambert, our favorite American Idol. It’s great to read these interviews on Adam’s Broadway background and we hope that Adam remain friends with these people if he goes on to win American Idol. Go, Adam.

Interviews, courtesy of, are after the jump. They’re must reads for Adam Lambert fans :-)

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