Adam Lambert Boyfriend, Underwear, and Shirtless Photos

Adam Lambert Boyfriend, Underwear, and Shirtless Photos. We are updating this post to give you Adam Lambert underwear photos as well as to talk about whether he’s dating anyone at the moment. Apparently, he is not. If he is, he must be keeping it private because we haven’t heard of any. There were rumors a few months ago that he was seeing British singer Sam Smith but Adam clarified last February that the two ain’t an item although they did spend some time together when he was in London. Here’s a photo of the singers which sent the internet a-tizzy some months back.

adam lambert boyfriend update

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Adam Lambert’s Broadway + Mt. Carmel High Friends

Look who’s got friends in high places (and by high places, we mean Broadway) who are cheering for him? It’s Adam Lambert, our favorite American Idol. It’s great to read these interviews on Adam’s Broadway background and we hope that Adam remain friends with these people if he goes on to win American Idol. Go, Adam.

Interviews, courtesy of, are after the jump. They’re must reads for Adam Lambert fans :-)

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