When our favorite American Idol alumni Adam Lambert released his debut album – For Your Entertainment (FYE) – we must admit that we were a little disappointed. Sure it’s a good album and sure there’s some good songs included (e.g., Whataya Want From Me) but none of the songs are catchy enough or memorable enough such that non-Adam fans will listen and take note. To quote our good friend Deena, “None of the songs in the album has that ‘last song syndrome quality’ which converts non-fans to fans and which turns hits into superhits.”

With nearly a million copies sold, For Your Entertainment is a hit but it’s not what you’d call, in movie parlance, a blockbuster. Read More →


Want more men’s leather jackets? Here’s controversial American Idol runner-up wearing a black leather jacket which fits nicely with his all-black ensemble and that emo haircut he’s kinda famous for. Nice look, Adam. And nice skinny jeans too. If you want more Adam Lambert in leather? Check out his blue leather jacket in a blog entry we wrote on the titillating Kradam bromance. More…Read More →


We love you Adam Lambert. And we love the fact that you’re willing to show us your pink underwear and that it says “Don’t Judge Me”. Well, we’re not going to judge you because we love you and love does not judge but we are going to judge your underwear because you should have made a better choice. More…Read More →