Abs Slimming or Toning Underwear? Moods of Norway?

moods of norway abs slimmer underwear

When we first came across the above post about an underwear which promises to slim your washboard abs, the first thing that came to mind was, “That’s too good to be true, isn’t it?” It’s clearly a joke so we didn’t take it seriously. But then the next thing that came to mind went like this, “If it is indeed possible that an underwear can reduce a person’s abs, would it have an unintended and sad/funny side effect of reducing a man’s you-know-what?” What do you think, Famewatchers? Another question: Would you rather that you (or your man) have nice abs and a small you-know-what or a beer belly with a big you-know-what?

Anyhoo, the “abs-slimming underwear” above appears to be from Moods of Norway, a Norwegian clothing brand which makes fabulous and colorful outfits. We first became aware of the brand when we came across a photo of Guy Berryman showing off his Moods of Norway underwear. Go see Guy Berryman Shirtless.

Aside from Berryman, other celebrities who were spotted wearing Moods of Norway clothes include the following:

Kevin McHale during an episode of the Fox hit Glee where Kevin plays the role of Artie Adams.

celebrities wearing moods of norway - glee

American Idol contestant Joshua Ledet during one of his Idol performances.

celebrities wearing moods of norway - joshua ledet

Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz during the opening of the Moods of Norway store in Los Angeles. According to wikipedia, the brands stores are mostly in Sweden but it also has branches in Japan, Iceland, and the United States (particularly LA, New York, and the Mall of America in Minnesota.)

celebrity moods of norway - kellan lutz - h2t - 2009 la store opening

New York Rangers Mats Zuccarello in Moods suit.

ny rangers in moods suit  Mats Zuccarello

Actor Matt Fahey wore this fabulous Moods cardigan to last year’s MTV Movie Awards.

Actor Matt Fahey looking smashing in his Moods of Norway cardigan at the 2012 MTV Movie Award

Academy-nominated actor Terrence Howard in a Moods of Norway turquoise suit.

Terrence Howard in moods turquoise suit

And here’s America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon with The Voice judge Ceelo Green. Who between these two is wearing a Moods of Norway outfit? It’s Nick and his funky suit.

nick cannon wearing moods of norway suit with ceelo

The Moods of Norway brand is fairly new (established in 2003) but they’ve done an impressive job of introducing the label to celebrities. Congratulations.

Now since we started this post talking about the brand’s underwear, let’s end this post by looking at some of its underwear offerings:

moods of norway mens underwear - grandpa

Wouldn’t this colorful grandpa underwear bring a smile to your lips when you see your partner wearing it?

moods of norway grandpa underwear

Because it looks fun and cool, we are including Moods of Norway underwear in the “Funderwear” category.