Aaron Johnson Underwear Model in Calvin Klein + Rishi Idnani CK Briefs

Aaron Johnson Underwear Model in Calvin Klein. Want more male celebrity underwear? Nineteen year old English actor Aaron Johnson, star of the recent movie hit Kickass, is looking good in either boxers or briefs underwear isn’t he? Watch out, Robert Pattinson, you’re not the only cute young Brit in Hollywood anymore.

Oh, is he officially a CK celebrity model or endorser? If he is not, the Calvin Klein folks are missing an opportunity to sign up a talented celebrity.

aaron johnson underwear

Our Aaron Johnson rocks his CK underwear whether it be boxer briefs or plain tighty whitie briefs.


Now that’s a lucky girl.

aaron johnson modeling calvin klein

So what do you think of these Aaron Johnson underwear modeling photos? Pretty good, eh? If we are the CK powers-that-be, we’d be hiring him to model our outfits. It sure looks like he has the makings of the new Mark Wahlberg.

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